Our Mission

MCF Executive Board

Andrew Barlage

Andrew was elected in December 2017; his bio and photo are forthcoming.

Justin Rumley

Vice President
I am originally from Iowa and started road racing while I was at Iowa State University. I worked at a bike shop while in college and made my way around the surrounding states for several years racing and living the roadie life. I enjoy all cycling disciplines and plan to test out the track for the first time this year. My wife told me that I need another bike (no she doesn't ride). I have been a Junior Coach and mentor for several teams. Most recently became a NICA coach and helped out with some kids from Stillwater. Cyclocross in MN is amazing and the reason I came to my first MCF meeting. I love the vibe and the race atmosphere and look forward to bringing that to the other venues and get more people on bikes and out to the races. Outside of racing I am the Executive Director for the ALS Bike Trek MN. I started the ALS ride after attending another ALS ride on the East Coast and wanted to bring a ride to the Midwest that would raise money for ALS Research so that other families don't have to lose a loved one to this very sad disease. I am a coffee geek and the Co-Founder of Bell Lap Coffee because coffee and bikes go well together.

Charlie Anderson

Engineer by day, biker by night. ​ Long time racer on the road and mountain bike. Got my start in Wisport races back in the day. First racing license in college and haven't looked back since. Currently race at the NSC Velodrome and occasionally on the road. Attended Master's Track nationals in 2013 and came away with two top 10s. ​ I'm looking forward to providing treasurer services. I love math, so treasurer seems like a perfect way to give back and complement my skill set.

Jason Beck

Jason was elected in December 2017; his bio and photo are forthcoming