MCF Meetings

MCF meetings are held bi-monthly following Robert’s Rules and are open to all riders, promoters, and community members. Moving forward, the meeting agendas will be posted two weeks prior to each meeting for review. If you would like propose additional items for an agenda, please email the MCF secretary three days prior to a meeting. Agenda items proposed less than three days before a meeting may be presented at that meeting before the agenda is approved, but may be postponed until the following meeting in the event that the meeting runs over its allotted time. Written proposals must be sent to the MCF secretary at least three days prior to the meeting for posting below. Meeting minutes will be posted after each meeting. Please send any revisions to meeting minutes to the MCF secretary within one week of posting. If you do not see your club’s name in the attendees list on the agenda, please submit your MCF Club Form to the MCF secretary.