Track cycling is often considered to be the most fundamental form of bike racing. Racers pedal around a banked track, riding bikes with a fixed gear and no brakes. One of the most unique elements of track racing is the variety of race formats– from mass-start point races to individual time-trials.

The National Sports Center Velodrome in Blaine is the only outdoor wood-plank construction velodrome in the Western Hemisphere. Regular introductory track classes are offered throughout the spring/summer season. The Thursday Night Lights series is a great opportunity to get your racing fix.

If racing isn’t your thing– riding the track can be a great way to train. Structured trainings are regularly scheduled throughout the season.

The NSC Velodrome will continue operations throughout the 2019-2020 season– afterwards the track will unfortunately be demolished. The Minnesota Cycling Center, a non-profit organization, has made it their mission to keep track cycling in Minnesota including building a new facility. Follow their efforts and give them your support at